Logistics solution for transporting live animals


Celtic Freight Consulting understands, listens to and coordinates the logistical needs of exporters in relation to the various players in the logistics chain (Carriers, Transporters, Importers, etc.).

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/ Selection of transport operators

Celtic Freight Consulting selects air carriers depending on the shipment type, the destinations and their competitiveness: scheduled or charter flights.

Celtic Freight Consulting operates from several airports in France including Vatry, Châteauroux and Brest. Our national network enables us to select the departure airports depending on the chosen airlines and the assembly points for the animals. Our customers save time and guarantee comfortable transport for the animals.

/ Manufacture of transport crates

Celtic Freight Consulting designs and creates the NIMP15 single-use crates especially for air transport and compliant with IATA regulations.

These crates are exclusive to Celtic Freight Consulting. They provide maximum comfort for the livestock transported and positively promote live animal transport.

Each flight also has watering and excreta absorption systems during transport.

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We organize the transport of live animals on board cargo planes from France or Europe to Africa, the Americas, Asia, or even Oceania.
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/ Drafting of

legal documents

Celtic Freight Consulting assists you throughout the entire operation. We ensure that all your documents (vaccinations, permits, carrier licence, etc.) are up to date and make sure the flights run smoothly right up to delivery. We are your export facilitator.

Celtic Freight Consulting is a commercial operator specialising in multi-species live animal transport certified by the DDPP and IATA No. 5600701.

/ Flight preparation

Because every flight has its own specific characteristics, we establish custom processes in partnership with our customers. We provide our expertise so that there is a specific process on which we can rely. Departure from the animal assembly point, transport time to the airport, reception and loading time at the airport: we plan everything for a calm transport procedure.

The air transport of live animals requires global technical knowledge. Whether in terms of the positioning of crates, handling tasks related to the aircraft or even hoisting operations, the procedure must be understood. With its experience in air freight, Celtic Freight Consulting guarantees perfectly executed procedures.

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/ Respect and animal welfare

Animal welfare is a priority for Celtic. We make sure that the animals spend as little time as possible on our planes, with rapid loading and unloading. We take animal behaviour principles into consideration during the flights.

Celtic Freight Consulting respects animal welfare at every stage and coordinates all operations in consultation with the French health authorities.