Air cargo cargo plane

/ Experience and advice

With its 25 years of experience, Celtic Freight Consulting has supported French export excellence in the livestock sector. Our experience of air transport and our network form the basis of our success.

/ Consultant in cargo development

Celtic Freight Consulting advises Brest airport. For two years, Celtic Freight Consulting has developed the number of cargo flights departing from Brest airport . The airport, on our recommendations, has dedicated teams and facilities to create this complementary business activity. Brest airport has become an important stakeholder in live animal transport to the western regions.

/ A dense network of professionals

For over 30 years, Celtic Freight Consulting has developed a network of reliable suppliers extended across the entire air cargo chain. Airlines, brokers, shipping companies, carriers; these are some of the most conscientious companies in the sector.

Celtic Freight Consulting regularly works with Air Bridge Cargo Airlines, Airnautic, and even our supplier of live animal transport crates. This proximity with its network enables Celtic Freight Consulting to create custom solutions for its customers.

Celtic Freight Consulting has a professional network from which the company’s partners can benefit. Its knowledge of global markets enables it to provide a flexible commercial approach, calibrated according to well-defined targets. Finally, because Celtic Freight Consulting knows all its partners so well, the company demonstrates agility and responsiveness throughout its missions. It can implement specific actions: promotion/exhibition/media/special commercial campaigns/territorial networking.

/ Part of the Breton economy

Celtic Freight is involved in the economic development of France by promoting live animal air cargo. Celtic Freight, part of the local economy, uses local companies as part of its air cargo missions (carriers, carpenters, etc.).