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A network of reliable suppliers, extended to the entire animal air cargo chain.

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35 years experience in multi-sector air cargo and 25 years experience in live animal transport. Europe / USA / Asia.
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A dense network of carriers, airlines and airports, regular and reliable partners.


A detailed knowledge of the markets and custom solutions for the comfort and confidence of our customers.

Customer relationship

Daily monitoring and ongoing discussions with our customer for a calm process.

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For 30 years, Celtic Freight Consulting has supported French export excellence in the livestock sector.
Celtic Freight Consulting is your export facilitator!


CEO of Celtic Freight Consulting


Our job involves organising rapid transport, in the best welfare and safety conditions for the animal and the best economic conditions for the company.


/ logistics solutions

Celtic Freight Consulting understands, listens to and coordinates the logistics requirements of exporters in relation to the various operators in the logistics chain (carriers, importers, etc.).
Selection of transport operators

Celtic Freight Consulting selects air carriers depending on the shipment type, their competitiveness and the destinations: scheduled or charter flights.

Manufacture of transport crates

Celtic Freight Consulting designs and creates the NIMP15 single-use crates especially for air transport and compliant with IATA regulations.

Drafting and validation of legal documents

Celtic Freight Consulting assists you throughout the entire operation. We ensure that all your documents (vaccinations, permits, carrier licence, etc.) are up to date and make sure the flights run smoothly right up to delivery.

Flight preparation

Because every flight has its own specific characteristics, we establish custom processes in partnership with our customers. With its air cargo experience, Celtic Freight Consulting guarantees perfectly executed procedures.

Animal welfare

Celtic Freight Consulting respects animal welfare at every stage of the process and coordinates all operations in consultation with the French health authorities. 

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animals transported to China, Vietnam and Thailand.

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full charters from Brest and Vatry.

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animals transported from early 2021 despite the COVID pandemic.

/ Experience and advice

With its 30 years of experience, Celtic Freight Consulting has supported French export excellence in the livestock sector. Our experience of air transport and our network form the basis of our success.
air freight development consulting


Celtic Freight supports the airports in developing animal transport.

a network of professionals

Celtic Freight has surrounded itself with the best qualified operators in air cargo.
local economy player in air transport

Part of the Breton economy

Celtic Freight relies on local companies to implement its export projects.


Air freight live animals

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5 route de Kerambellec - Kergoulouet
29350 Moëlan sur Mer

(+33) 06 29 77 33 73

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